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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  January 18, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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get rid of those later. fredericksburg is 42. charlottesville 45. and so not terribly cold. we will see temperatures climb in the low to middle 50s. more sunshine this afternoon. we sit at 6:00 straight up on this monday. here's angie. >> thank you, health howard. hello, everybody. happy holidays to you. metro is on a modified saturday schedule. i want to give you a red line alert. no service right now between white flint and medical center. it will be like that until tomorrow t. there is scheduled correction at the grosvenor station. taking out you had outside, an accident to tell you about. westbound central avenue. the ramp to the inner loop. watch for crews out there. on the outer loop, doing fine. live from university a good example of the incident-free commute around the beltway. taking it to the district, no issues to report from the times building to the third street tunnel. and that's the latest look at
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traffic. over to andrea. at the top of the hour we bring you the latest on the earthquake in haiti. amid the devastation, some good news to report. two people pull pd alive from the rubble of the supermarket in port-au-prince. they were trapped for 126 hours. search teams from new york and florida rescued the man and woman. both are in stable condition. it is estimated 1700 rescue workers are in haiti and they have saved 70 lives in the last week. of course it is estimated close to 100,000 people may have died in the quake. nearly 2,000 u.s. marines are expected to arrive there today. they will help with anything that's needed, especially keeping the peace. haitians living without basic supplies are demanding action from their government. u.n. secretary general moon vows to get aid distributed quickly. >> we need to make sure our help is getting to people immediately and as fast as possible. we cannot wait for one minute,
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one dollar and one person. we cannot have supplies sitting in warehouses. >> reporter: former president clinton will arrive in haiti today. he is a special u.n. envoy there. a baltimore-based u.s. navy ship comfort should arrive in haiti by thursday. it will take patients to a military hospital being set up at guantanamo bay cuba. our scott broom is aboard the comfort. he told the doctors about their mission. >> this was from our mission in 2007. >> reporter: for dr. donahue from howard county, maryland, haiti is not just another mission. >> it is very emotional. >> reporter: emotional because he knows the place and the people from previous trips in 2007 and 2009. >> it is a different type of response. it is not an hack tract we are going down to help people. i know the people we are trying to help. >> reporter: some he has heard from alive and many he has not. same for laura roberts this chief anesthesiologist. >> i knew our ship would be
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going because there is no way our country would not let that sit by and not let that happen. >> reporter: the mission that's unfolding now is the biggest peacetime deployment in comfort's history and donahue says it's likely to be more challenging than war. there will be babies to deliver, children to treat and the most complex chronic health issues. >> this is improve. >> reporter: and nobody on this ship can get there fast enough. even though this is the fastest deployment in comfort's history. 72 hours to turn the key on a hospital that is the size of walter reed. >> scott is traveling with the usns comfort. watch for his works here on and 9 news now. for more go to our website at the top of the home page. you will see a link to learn about how to help haiti. the biggest help right now you
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can give is money. we are following a developing story from afghanistan. at least five people are dead and 38 others wounded after a taliban attack on government facilities in the capital of kabul. militants targeted the palace and other government buildings. numerous explosions and the sound of heavy gun fire rattled the city for several hours. the afghan president says the security is restored now. health officials in prince georges county want to talk to anyone who visited the hard bargain farm in maryland. a cat there tested positive for rabies they are concerned about people who visited the facility during a certain period. >> with we are worked about december 21st through january 12th time frame. during that time period a potential of 150 people may have had contact with the farm either through groups that visited the farm or staff that
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works there or come off and on the farm. >> reporter: it is believed the cat contracted rabies after being bitten by a raccoon. anyone who visited the farm since test december 21st is asked to a call the county health department. people around the nation will honor the legacy of dr. martin luther king junior by giving back to their community. kristin fisher has a preview. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. well, last year on martin luther king day, then president- elect barack obama was on the brink of becoming the first african-american president. but on this day, the president is hoping today will be a break from partisan politics and a return to his campaign promises of hope and change [ applause ] >> i have a dream that one day. >> reporter: on august 28th, 196, martin luther king junior shared his dream with a racially-divided mission nation. but 46 years on the eve of martin luther king day, the
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first african-american president spoke to a politically divided country. >> there was a hope shared by many that life would be better from the moment that i swore that oath. of course, as we meet here today, one year later, we know the promise of that moment has not yet been fully fulfilled. >> reporter: today president obama is asking americans to put partisan politics aside and put service first for the 15th annual national day of service. 10,000 service projects are scheduled across the country. 200 here in the district. many of which will help the earthquake victims in haiti. >> as we prepare to give back to our community locally on this very special day, i think all of us will probably try to find a way, as a city and as residents to maybe donate money or send cards, send information or to support our congressmen and our president who are
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allocating millions and millions of dollars to go over to haiti. >> reporter: you can find a list of all of the national days of service events taking place in washington here today on our website at live in washington, kristin fisher, 9 news now and jessica doyle is off today but we have the "living $mart" report at 7 after the hour. a deal could be reached by wednesday to sell the washington wizards. the "washington post" reports capitals owner is in negotiations reportedly to buy the team. he was given first right of refusal following the death of abe poland last year. the team is worth $450 million. montgomery county may try to lure costco to wheaton. the council is considering a $4 million deal. it would bring the warehouse retailer to the mall there. costco would replace the hold hects. maryland leaders are down playing a report that bwi
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martial airport for sale. a department of transportation spokesman says there is no effort to sell the airport. it is 8 after the hour. in four minutes the hero central report. bring you an update on a local literacy program. learn new developments with hortons kids an how we are helping out. right now it is focus on maryland's weather and traffic. let's start with howard. >> good morning, maryland. a cloudy sky this morning and in far western maryland freezing fog out to oakland and garrett county. as we look at the temperatures under mostly cloudy skies, not too cold. right? low 40s, a few in the upper 30s. but cumberland and frederick 41, so is pax river. 40 in baltimore and also on the bay in annapolis. easton 39. clouds give way to sunshine.
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angie goff? >> traffic is looking fine on the major roads in more and also on the smaller ones. colesville road not too much traffic. and switch over and show you 355 and shady grove. some drivers stopped at a light. one tieup, westbound central avenue. we have an accident on the ramp to access the inner loop. watch for police. i will send it to andrea. the key to success has little to do with age. best-selling author and motivational speaker willie jolly explains why the best is yet to come. >> good morning. this is willie jolly. today's live better stipfor success it is taken from my book it only takes a minute to change your life. it is age has very little to do with your success. george burns used to say his success was to get up and look in the obituaries if his name was not there he would get
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time for today's hero central report. washington, d.c. ranks as one of the the smartest city inspection the dunn but one third of the residents can't read a newspaper. we see how volunteers are hoping to reverse that trend by helping out children at horton's kids. >> reporter: every monday, two buses full of kids from anacostia pull up next to the nation's capitol, waiting on the sidewalk are their tutors from horton's kids. >> how are you? >> two by two they walk in the rayburn building for an hour of home work. i'll beat -- >> i love how you corrected yourself. good for you. >> reporter: she is in the third grade and has been working with her tutor, leslie eagle, since september.
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>> she is nice and doesn't yell at me. >> i try to make learning fun. >> here's our favorite part, chick a chick a boom boom. >> one on one is perfect and it works. >> reporter: leslie is one of the 700 volunteer tutors with horton's kids but they do more than just work on home work. >> we learned a long time ago we couldn't just help them with academics if we didn't address other things they needed such as dental care and getting them glasses if they needed them. >> reporter: the funding and volunteer come from the junior league. >> it is important to us because i want is our community. >> reporter: a third of dc residents are functionally ill it will rate. you may be able to pick up a book and read but a medical prescription and a bus schedule to get through the day and the community this is the area we want to impact. >> reporter: that's what leslie is hoping to do for little faith. >> you walk away with every day you are seeing growth. you are seeing real life being
6:14 am
changed. >> bye-bye. >> reporter: horton's kids always needs new tutors. if you are interested in volunteering i will show you how at >> amazing. >> 9 news now recently invited horton's kids in to our studio and they got a surprise charitable contribution of $5,000. it was all made possible through the gannett foundation, wusa 9 and "usa today." they say the money will help a lot of horton's kids become better readers. for more information on these and other charities we are profiling, go to and click on the hero central link. this morning here's what is in the news now. a man who shot pope john paul ii is out of prison. his sentence ended today. the pope forgave him in 1983.
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the man who caused a security scare at new york's kennedy airport said it was a mistake. the man who just arrived from haiti supposedly walked through the wrong door. he has been released from jail without bail. avenue tar is the big winner at the golden globes. james cameron won best director the film won best drama. we will look at other winners coming up. and saw the number two film this weekend, the book of eli with denzel washington. very interesting. >> definitely a recommendation there. >> yeah, i think you should see it. yeah. >> i was reminded with the hero report that if you have donated or plan to donate to any organizations, always check the company to see if they have a matching grant like we do here. >> i think you have until march, at least for our company to get those matches in. >> from last year. >> all right. good information. >> get the weather. woe have good weather heading here this afternoon.
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not so bad for much of the week. the forecast first, today 53. tomorrow 49. tomorrow in to wednesday morning can't rule out a passing sprinkle or flurry. cooler on wednesday with highs in the middle 40s. cloudy start with clearing skies later this morning. temperatures in the low 30s far to the west and low 40s in many areas. northwest winds five to 15. we will stay that way, 50 to 55 this afternoon. skies partly to mostly sunny and then clear to partly cloudy with low 30s outside of the beltway. upper 30s in town. southern maryland and bay the bay. showing you we have a low pressure pulling away from us. still clouds but snow in money. we sit at 42 this morning. 39 up to martinsburg and manassas this morning. 41 frederick. on the bay 40 and low 40s in southern maryland. 42 at national with a northwest wind at 14. a wind chill is in the middle 30s and much of the country
6:17 am
enjoying mild temperatures for january. middle of january. look at this map. not bad at all. the cold stuff, 32 in minneapolis. when you get storms on the west coast they tend to push the jet stream up and that means the really cold air gets stuck in canada. for us we are watching the storm system pull away. behind it a brisk northwesterly wind. nothing we can't handle. may gust to 20 at times through midday and as we go to this afternoon, that storm pulls away. think the winds he relax a little bit. a front across ohio and pennsylvania with light snow showers ahead of it. this will come through tomorrow night bringing a rain shower or flake or snow flurry and slightly cooler temperatures the middle of the week. the seven-day forecast, 53 today. 49 tomorrow. again, a passing sprinkle or flurry tuesday night in to wednesday morning. wednesday and thursday, mid-
6:18 am
40s. friday looks wet. around around 4 of that's the ugly day of the week and saturday upper 40s and more rain could move in late on sunday. angie has the latest traffic info. we are getting through the 6:00 hour. i wanted you to know inbound, outbound canal avenue and clara barton and rock creek parkway looking at two-way traffic because of the holiday. the inner loop to access central avenue and go westbound, we have police activity to the left side. en accident involving a driver that ran in to a guardrail. they are working hard to clear that scene right now. moving to 270, no issues to report here. no hov restrictions either because of the holiday. the same situation as we head to virginia. show you 66 eastbound. we are still delay free making your way to inside in the beltway. 395 is how we will wrap it up. no hov restrictions here, as well. traffic is okay from the beltway to the 14th street
6:19 am
bridge. now, over to andrea. >> thank you. our time is 6:19. in 24 hours, voters in massachusetts head to the polls to pick a replacement for the late senator ted kennedy. it is seen as a referendum on president obama. he campaigned on sunday for the democratic candidate martha cokely. >> what we are proposing is to make sure the taxpayers get their money back from the rescue that we had engaged in the beginning of the year thanks to the bad regulatory policies of the previous administration. >> reporter: cokely is the massachusetts attorney general. she's seen a double-digit lead in the polls evaporate in the last few weeks. republican candidate scott brown used sports star power on sunday. he campaigned with doug flutie and curt schilling. he vowed, if elected, to vote against the health care reform package and he wants to cut government spending overall. virginia's new governor will focus on his biggest issue
6:20 am
this morning, the economy. bhob mcdonnell will examine the need. he was sworn in to office on saturday. >> where opportunity is absent we must create it. where opportunity is limited we must expand it. where opportunity is unequal, we must make it open to everyone. our administration will be dedicated to building a commonwealth of opportunity for all virginians. >> reporter: the republican is virginia's 71st governor. he's already signed executive orders on government reform and job creation. ahead in sports, a look at which teams are heading to the conference title game including one big surprise. plus, what ovechkin did that he's never done before. sara walsh will have a look in three minutes. ññ
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there's not a lot alex ovechkin hasn't accomplished but he coast crossed apprise surprising achievement from his to do list the capitals hosted the flyers and the scoring barrage would continue for washington. se min will come up with his 20th goal giving the caps the 3- 2 lead. ovechkin is called for the penalty. ovechkin in his career has never put on a penalty shot in regulation. he is 0-5 until sunday. that back-handed goal gives him 30. and the capitals a 5-3 win. georgetown took on veil know that. tied at 69. this is scotty reynolds working his way through. he had 27 for the wild cats as georgetown falls 82-77. in the nfl, the championship games are set. bret favre led the vikings over
6:25 am
the cowboys to clinch a spot in the nfc championship and a shocker in the afc as the jets upset the chargers 17-14 for a spot in the afc title game. they will take on the colts. that's a look at the sports. hope everyone enjoying the martin luther king junior holiday. see you later. a high ranking police officer with the manassas park police steps down. learn what prompted his resignation. and former presidents teaming up to help haiti victims.
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new gold bond ultimate concentrated cream heals and protects like lotion can't. gold bond concentrated therapy. real medicine, ultimate healing. we're back. a soggy mid toll the three-day week for a lot of people. we caught a lot of you with umbrellas walking through georgetown on sunday. the rain pretty much has moved out of the area. thanks for joining us. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein son the weather terrace. did you put on the jacket? he was cold earlier this morning. >> it is. wind chills this the low to mid 830s. keep that in mind for heading out. not bad day for january. average highs 42. we are already close to that.
6:30 am
there's the system that brought us three-quarter of an inch of rain in catlett and 1.4 in reedville. we have lingering clouds with temperatures at 42. that's the average high for this time of the year. cull pope is 36 an 32 in the mountains. we'll see temperatures going up to the low to mid-50s. we have a brisk northwest wind and some sunshine returning later this morning. it's 6:30. time for a traffic update. >> hi, everybody. glad you could join us. begin with the first tieup. the inner loop, the ramp to access westbound central avenue has an accident. police are on the scene. moving to the outer loop in maryland. north of the district, live from university a-okay around the beltway. 95 in virginia this interstate is looking good past dumfries to 495. we want you to know that metro, because of the holiday is on a modified saturday schedule and take note. we have schedule construction
6:31 am
going on at the grosvenor station. we are tacking on an extra 40 minutes for that commute. that's the latest look at traffic. one day in alabama little black boys and girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls and sisters and brothers. i have a dream for this. >> reporter: our nation remembers the reverend dr. martin luther king junior today and many will do that by helping out their communities. there are events planned for across the region. politicians are urging people in to a day of service. kristin fisher is live from southwest washington with a preview. >> that's right. good morning. i'm standing outside of the national martin luther king junior memorial. but it is quiet here because construction on the memorial started last december. it won be done until 2011.
6:32 am
but there's still 200 events taking place today in washington that you can take part in on this national day of service. on the eve of martin luther king day, the first african- american president spoke at the vermont avenue baptist church in washington. the same church the civil rights leader spoke at in 1956. here, in a church that rose like the phoenix from the ashes of the civil war, here in a church formed by freed slaves, whose founding pastor had worn the union blue. >> reporter: president obama is asking americans to put politics aside and honor martin luther king junior by participating in the national did of service. >> there is a hope shared by many that life would be better from the moment that i swore that oath. of course, as we meet here today, one year later, we know the promise of that moment has
6:33 am
not yet been fully fulfilled. >> reporter: 10,000 service projects are scheduled across the country and 200 here in the district. many of which will help the earthquake victims in haiti. >> you heard it there are 200 service events taking place here in the district today. the good news is this have a federal holiday and won't be a much traffic on the roads but there are parades and a lot of events going on and a lot of street closures if you want to avoid delays go to and make sure you are not going to be driving through any of those streets that are closed during the times those events are taking place. 9 news now and a manassas park, virginia, police captain resigned after he was arrested and charged with stealing an suv. the vehicle belonged to the dale city fire department. inside reports the captain was arrested on saturday, the same day the
6:34 am
crime was committed and he was released on his own recognizance and quit less than 24 hours later. investigators are trying to determine what caused a fire in northwest dc. it happened yesterday evening along m street and 25th street. a fire began on the 7th and 9th floors. one family was dismissed. no injuries were reported. the latest on the earthquake in haiti and take a look at this. a crush of supplies outside of the haitian embassy in northwest washington. so many people brought things there wasn't enough room. donations were stacked outside the front door and even a traffic jam as people did anything they could to help out. any kind of aid is desperately needed in haiti. six days after the quake and millions are in desperate need. digital correspondent rob morrisson reports from port-au- prince. >> reporter: every monday, two deuces full of kids from
6:35 am
anacostia pull up in front of the nation's capitol, waiting on the sidewalk are their tutors from horton's kids. >> sorry that was the wrong report. president clinton will arrive in haiti today. he is working with george w. bush to raise money for haiti. >> we americans are always at our best when we hear and heed the cries of others. >> when con proven -- con fronted with mass pave human suffering americans have always stepped up and answered the call to help. >> reporter: they are taking on- line donation and they vow transparency on where the money is spent. to learn how to help, go to and we have links to relief organizations. click on the banner at the top of the home page. our time is 6:35. ahead why metro might soon be giving you some money back. in sick minutes, avenue tar wins big at the golden globe
6:36 am
awards. we will look at the other winners and the fashions that people will be talking about today. good morning, virginia. generally a quiet morning. out to weirs cave and shenandoah valley, southern part of the regional airport dunn there we have a little fog. other than that cloudy skies this morning and we will see them break up in a while. it is a chilly morning but not terribly cold. temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40 in a few spots. fredericksburg 412. culpeper 36 and just on the fair left you see the shenandoah valley airport at 4. low to mid-50s with sunshine returning later this morning. >> we are awe about you, virginia. begin with columbia pike and glebe road. a worry-free commute. everyone is zipping by. next shot, route 50 and 29. a nice drive through the fairfax area. flying high on the dulles toll
6:37 am
road. remember what the holiday means, those hov restrictions are lifted. the time is 6:36. happy monday, everybody. 9 news now will be right back. at soyjoy, we believe the best foods grow from the earth.
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we are back with the sigh of the first couple enjoying a night out. a surprise din dinner for mrs. obama for her birthday. she turns 46. we want to bring you rob morrisson's report from port-au- prince. >> reporter: late in to the night, a rescue operation that began on wednesday came to a miraculous conclusion. a 40-year-old woman and 30-year- old man were pulled alive from the rubble of this collapsed supermarket byes recoworkers who worked tirelessly. the united nations estimates more than 70 people have been pulled from collapsed
6:41 am
buildings. sunday's success stories also include a u.n. worker, a hotel owner and the director of haiti's income tax authority. >> very happy, of course. >> reporter: but keeping survivors alive is a much larger problem. an estimated 300,000 are homeless, many of them injured. just one mile from the airport, where relief supplies are coming in, 85 residents of a nursing home have received no food, water or medicine. one man has already died of starvation. at an aid distribution site supplies ran out and those in line stormed the gates, angrily searching every box. others, desperate for medical care crossed the border to this overcrowded hospital. >> the patients are now -- a lot of very bad condition and we have to do a lot of amputation. >> reporter: while the grief here seems insurroundable, many
6:42 am
haitians are determined to try. gathering near the rubble of their churches searching for peace. 9 news now. it is 6:42. harry smith is in port-au- prince right now and he has an "early show" preview. good morning, harry. can you hear me? >> yeah. i can hear you loud and clear, andrea. i'll tell you what, this is a very typical scene in this city. we have traveled all over it over the last 24 hours soar so and it is just belong block upon block of pictures that look exactly like this. it is stunning to see in person and we have some rather extraordinary tales to tell. in terms of the good news of the day, the aid is finally getting from the airport in to the streets. we saw water being distributed yesterday. we saw little pieces of budding commerce here and there. people opening food stands on the street. by and large the city is safe
6:43 am
and very peaceful. but even amidst all of this, as was just suggested a couple of minutes ago, there are still amazing stories of recovery and finding people alive some five days after the earthquake struck. we will have those stories and a lot more, including dave price from the golden globes a little later on here on the "early show." >> harry, we understand that former president clinton is going to be if port-au-prince. do you know when that happens and where exactly where he travel? >> i i don't know the particulars. all i know is i'm supposed to meet up with him at some point later on today but what his itinerary is or where he is supposed to go, it will be interesting to see. there's plenty of security now in town. i would think he could go just about any place he'd want to go and quite frankly, we walked
6:44 am
through many, many neighborhoods filled with thousands and thousands of people and were never, never felt threatened once. so this is by and large a very safe place to be. >> reporter: that's good to hear. we will be watching for your reports in about 16 minutes on the "early show." right an hour our time is 6:44, comedy, tragedy and triumph in the spotlight last night at the 67th annual golden globes. >> reporter: the stars came out on sunday for golden globe awards but the devastation in haiti was not far from their minds. >> i have never seen anything like it. and the images are so, so devastating. >> reporter: many wore red and yellow ribbons to show their support and viewers were urged to donate to relief efforts. the host made references to another story in the news, nbc's late-night shake-up.
6:45 am
>> this is what nbc looks like without jay leno. >> meryl streep took home her 7th golden globe. and monique won for her role in precious. >> thank you, god for this amazing ride that you are allowing me to go on. >> reporter: jeff bridges was recognized for crazy heart. >> you'll really screwing urn my you should appreciated status here. >> reporter: up won for best animated film and hangover won best comedy. on the television side, madmen won best drama and glee was awarded best musical or comedy series. >> we'd like to thank the wonderful people that thought a musical would work on primetime television. >> reporter: what's this mean for the oscars? battling for thes of scar
6:46 am
nominations ends on hard so the golden globe winners could get a boost. 9 news now and right now at, we have a list of major award winners from the golden globes. check it out on the front page. now to the late-night television drama. an announcement could come as early today about a deal between conan o'brien and nbc. he said he wouldn't move it back to 12:05 to follow a jay leno half hour. so nbc is expected to buy him out of his contract. the last show could be this week. the buyout could total $40 million with a chunk of money go to o'brien's staff. he could start another show on another network by the fall but supposedly there is a clause that says he has to stop bad mouthing nbc or he won't get the money. we'll see. >> i guess 30, $40 million will shut him up. >> for a while.
6:47 am
>> what about the other guy? >> everybody is bad mouthing nbc right now. weather wise in good shape to start the week. we had the rain yesterday. that's leaving the next few days temperatures slowly drop off. midweek we get colder. the forecast for today, clouds this morning. break for sunshine later in the afternoon. 50 to 55. tomorrow near 50 with clouds increasing in the afternoon. could be a shower or a flurry on tuesday in to wednesday morning. and wednesday, partly sunny and cooler with highs an 44. so a cloudy start for you this morning. clearing skies this morning. 33 to 43 for the temperature. northwest winds five to 15. a bit of a wind chill out there. becoming partly to mostly sunny this afternoon. sun setting 5:14. tonight, clear to partly cloudy. upper 30s inside the beltway. it is 39 now on the bay in
6:48 am
annapolis. 41 cumberland and pax river naval air station. frederick is holding on to 43. 41 dulles. winchester 40. to the south 42 in in forburg this morning. at national 42. winds northwest at 14. it is brisk outside. i have been out on the weather terrace a couple of times and wind chills in the mid-30s. as we look at temperatures across the country and you see the cold spot is minneapolis at 18. that's not bad. denver is 29. a fairly mild weather regime going on. storm system leaving the east but the one in the west will continue as the southwest winds hold up. the jet stream in canada with the cold air. and more wet weather in california. if you watched the golden globes last night you saw them arrive with umbrellas up. the clouds and then the sun this afternoon. here's the seven-day forecast. 53 this afternoon. 49 tomorrow. flurry or sprinkle on tuesday in to wednesday morning.
6:49 am
thursday, also chilly and 45. thursday in to friday here's the rain. maybe like yesterday. 40 for a high on friday and then milder over the weekend. it is 6:49. angie has the monday morning holiday traffic. >> that's right. thank you, howard. despite it being a holiday we have tieups to tell you about. this is the inner loop at the ramp to access westbound central avenue. you still have an incident where a driver droved in to the guardrail. police are taking up the left side. proceed with caution. check in on the outer loop many maryland, light volume all morning here, which is not surprising with the mlk junior holiday. a live shot at colesville road. no incidents to report. in too the district, a couple of things to remember, canal, clara barton parkway and the rock creek parkway, we are looking at two-way traffic because of the holiday. 395 northbound, switching that shot over and show you the
6:50 am
activity here. no problems or issues from the beltway to the 14th street bridge on 3985. over over to andrea. a commuter alert one more day of headaches on the red line. the grosvenor station is closed for roadwork. you need to take a shuttle bus. the work should be done by this time 0 tomorrow. metro is considering offering you a money back guarantee. the transit agency is considering a plan to waive your fare if you are seriously delayed. there is a similar policy but it is rarely used. just five times in the last year, mostly around the june crash. the plan would take affect in july. the transit systems in new york, philadelphia and boston have similar plans. many sports the capitals are atop the eastern conference
6:51 am
and on sunday avetch kin did something he's never done before. >> ovechkin to put a clincher on this one. hold, back handed. scores. >> reporter: that's the first ever penalty shot goal for ovechkin. the capitals beat the flyers 5- 3. washington hosts detroit tomorrow in a battle of conference leaders. all aboard, in three minutes the record number of people riding vre these days. we'll be right back.
6:52 am
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6:54 am
order is now restored after a taliban attack on government buildings in afghanistan. at least five people died in some battles this morning. armed militants tried to seize the presidential palace but were not successful. police in charlotteville, virginia say winter break is a field day for these.
6:55 am
they are investigating 58 burglaries in homes where uva students live. thieves have made off with $100,000 worth of goods. a record number of people are riding vre these days. they set a record on january 6th with 18,000 trips. the previous record was set just the day before. we are in for a good day. clouds this morning but sunshine later on. mild with temperatures cracking the 50-degree mark. angie will have another look at traffic and i will see with the seven-day forecast when we return.
6:56 am
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body rested. stress gone. mind sharp. because unisom gave you deep restful sleep all night. morning early birds. unisom. good night. good morning. westbound central avenue.
6:59 am
the ramp is blocked because of an accident. another wreck to tell you about is northbound on the gw parkway on the ramp to the inner loop. it is block theft shoulder. wrapping 66 eastbound no issues 50 past 123 to the beltway. a reminder because of the holiday hov restrictions have been lifted on this road as well as many roads in the area except for route 50 in maryland. clouds this morning and sunshine later on. 49 tomorrow with a flurry or shower. tuesday and the next best chance of rain is on friday, a cold rain with highs near 40 and mild for the weekend. the "early show" is next with the latest on haiti's relief and a look at the key senate race in massachusetts. and at 9:00 we will talk 0 the folks from rsvp catering. they are hosting a meet up later this week. >> have a great


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